The Grey Scale

Being a girl, I often find myself searching the closet for choosing right attire. at times, i even take out 10-15 clothes to try and still feel that i want something more to content my hunger of styling.

This often happens on busy days, where I have official meets and family brunch or have to join friends in clubs right after my office and on these days….. I often opt for Gray!


I love to use different shades of gray, as it gives enormous possibility to team up with different shades and colors. It is Neutral, dignified, sophisticated yet professional color. it is the color of knowledge, wisdom and intellect. it also awakes feelings of calmness, composure & relief. it is associated with maturity and stability. it’s characteristics at one hand makes it an elegant formal and modern at other hand.

So I picked up this jacket. yeah! it’s one of my favourite as it can add quirkiness and style, even to my most formal events and lightens my mood at times. It also adds the charm to my personality by making it more mysterious as it has been teamed with black embroidery.

I also choose gray when I love to be more girlish for partying with crazy friends at crazy places. When the femininity fuels up and i want to vigour the delicacies of my personality, i still choose gray and team it up with white which adds purity to it.

At formal events like fashion shows also I love to wear gray and team it with black or white or even both sometimes. my khadi gray pant is too one of my favourite and i team it with muslin white overlay and checks scarf to add mystery and glamour to it.

I truly feel that grey provides me numerous way to style and always express different perspective of my personality.

So rightly said ….When in doubt …wear Grey!