Gandhi - A thought

"There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger & unhappiness."-  Says Gandhi Ji

I am penning down after a few months as these thoughts are playing tug of war in my mind for quite a sometime now. As a child I always thought why we celebrate Gandhi Jayanti with so pomp. Of course independence fights,but many freedom fighters did that too.

Then why only Gandhi Jayanti?

As I grew into a conscious individual and craft and handloom enthusiast, then only i could realize that it's not the person we celebrate but we are celebrating a thought process.Now when I say thought process, I as an individual do not agree to all Gandhian thoughts. But only a single thought which changed my outlook was his vision of seeing every village weaving sustainable lives. His vision of hand spinning clothes and empowering rural communities  to sustain their lives and skills changed my perception. But this thought was overlooked then and as well as now

Charka- Weaving dreams
What if Gandhi Ji alive in 2020 to see this pandemic has shut down "Charkha" a vibrant self sustained women co-operative society, after sustaining a village for almost 3 decades and waiting for government help for long long time.What will be his reaction to see weavers working as mason and still being overlooked by a huge country and its government. Will he be happy to see dying skills which had sustained millions of people for generations?
Gandhi - a thought
Well.... I guess NO...
But still social media will be flooded with messages of celebrating Gandhi Jayanti, without realizing the grass root realities and the kind of attention it needs. It will be celebrate even with it's forgotten essence...
But is it really okay to celebrate something when its actual essence is forgotten? Or can today we take steps to change ground realities?
still this questions ringing in my mind. Let me know your thoughts!