Style edits - Navratri 2019
Garba's traditional dress is one more reason it is loved for. We all make so much plan for each day, right from its colour theme. But what if some day unplanned work arise and we do not have enough time to slip in our traditional outfits.
Here are some tip to style in no time and get a quirky fusion look. I decided to play with dupatta, which is heavily embroidered with thread work and mirror work. 
Look 1
Drape the dupatta as Gujrati saree over a same coloured pair tee and denim and teamed it with jewellery and a waist band.
Look 2
Drape this dupatta as a papillion jacket with tying knots at a certain distance
Look 3
Drape it as a halter papillion top with the folding it half and tying it on neck and determining upper waist with the help of waiat band. This can be teamed up with dhoti pants and skirts as well. 
Look 4 -
You can also just slip into a well embroidered skirts even over your denims and team it with your choice of jewellery and you are ready to rock!
Let me know, if you liked our style tips and also if you used it for your unplanned evening!
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