Expressions By UV is a sustainable, zero-waste, and ethical fashion label founded by Varsha Savla and based in the small town of Pipariya, Madhya Pradesh. The idea of the label -‘Expressions’ sparked from the thought of creating all things beautiful for people and the planet, While Varsha was working on an upcycling project in her design studio – UV Creations.


Founder & Creative Director

Varsha studied fashion design and found her niche in creating and nurturing new ideas. She inherited craft love from her grandmother, who was an heirloom connoisseur. Varsha's conscious approach towards nature and her granny’s teaching solidify the core values of Expressions. The label aims to bridge the gap between sustainability and fashion proving that they can co-exist.

The label ensures that every step in the production process is ethical and sustainable from using eco-friendly fabrics to embracing slow fashion, each piece is designed to minimize waste and reduce its carbon footprint.

We take inspiration from Nature, symmetries, and flavors of art and local life. Our designs are for every woman who wants to be comfortably fashionable in breathable fabrics and prefers quality over quantity. Who loves nature and is empowered by knowledge, she makes smart and conscious choices for herself and the planet.

The name “Expressions" accentuates the power of fashion to express-Who you are?, and What do you care for?

Each piece from “Expressions” expresses three value pillars the brand stand for –

  • Culture,
  • People
  • the Planet

The label celebrates heritage crafts, the imperfect human touch, and the process of handcrafting that is slowly disappearing. We work with local artisans to create unique, timeless pieces that are a beautiful amalgamation of traditional culture and modern aesthetics. With each piece at "Expressions By UV," you can choose a fashion that speaks volumes about your values and beliefs. Each piece is a medium for self-expression, promoting conscious consumption, and creating a better world for tomorrow.

We aim to create effortlessly chic, playful, and timeless quality pieces that speak our ancient culture yet have global appeal. Our designs are inspired by nature, we love infusing traditional motifs and designs into contemporary fashion that is both functional and fashionable.
We believe that fashion should never come at the cost of comfort. So at Expressions by UV, your second skin (clothing) is carefully tailored to fit and feel comfortable, allowing you to move with Ease through your day and make the most of it.

Our clothes are more than just garments, they are stories of our cultural pride, values and beliefs, and the beauty of diversity. We hope you enjoy every piece of Expressions as much as we do crafting each detail and celebrate your individuality through conscious and sustainable fashion.

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