Cloth bags/ Jute bags & Pouches

If you are considering plastic free packaging and looking for a reusable alternative that is bio degradable, eco-friendly and durable, you have come on the right page. Please provide more specific details about your requirement in the below form. We do all kind of customization.

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School uniform

Maintaining high quality uniform is crucial for creating a strong brand image. We help you with design and manufacture high quality uniforms for corporates, hotels, schools and hospitals.

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Sustainable gifts

Gifting is a notion that makes one feel loved and cared but what if this joy and love could spread across not only recipient but also to creators and the planet?
With our mindful & handcrafted gifts we are trying to change the narratives of gifting. Gifts that celebrate makers, planets and adds a deeper layer to the act of gifting!
If you are looking for unique and mindful eco-conscious gifts for your friends, parties, weddings or corporates fill in your details in the form.

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To order our products (apparels and accessories) in bulk please fill in your details in the below form.

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Why work with us?

  1. High quality Materials – We work with high quality materials and always keep longevity of fabrics in mind.
  2. Ethical and responsible Manufacturing – Every piece is made with fair trade practice.
  3. 3Perfect Stitching – Every piece is handcrafted with love and care
  4. On time delivery –We always work hard to meet our deadlines as we know this keeps you happy!
  5. Perfect Prototype – We are always happy to give digital/ physical sample and discuss all the requirement / improvement beforehand
  6. No MOQ restriction – We work with the Low Moqs as low as 5 pieces.
  7. Quality Check – We conduct in house quality check after every production and proud that our return rates have been just 1% or less

Client testimony

Hey just wanted to let you all know that recently we ordered hoodies for our school in Hyderabad for both play group and primary and senior kids as well, we would proudly say that the material quality and stitching are really superb. Till now no complaints from parents. Good Job done.