And it needs our urgent attention. We are a small team of Changemakers who
believe in taking action to combat Climate change. We chose fashion as our tool,
as we believe Fashion is the strongest medium to express that – WE CARE!

Zero waste

We deeply believe in the 3R strategy, mindful practices, and respect our finite resources. We are committed to minimizing waste and maximizing resource utilization. With our Zero waste practices, we ensure that not a single scrape is dumped into landfills.

  • All our production waste upcycled into accessories and utility items or gift items.
  • We produce in small batches to ensure there is no dead stock.
  • We run all our collections on Pre-orders, to reduce waste due to sizing
  • All our garments (excluding pants) have extra margins and double stitching to reduce waste due to body changes.

Handmade with love

India is home to thousands of diverse craft, deeply rooted in our culture & traditions. These crafts speak of the beauty of the imperfect human touch. At Expressions, each piece celebrates this unmatched human touch with ethical and sustainable practices. 

Natural dyes

 We use 65% of natural dyes in our process. These dyes are derived from various plants and are non-toxic, non-allergic, and eco-friendly in nature. 

The rest 35% of our dyes are low-impact azo-free dyes. We are committed to lowering our energy consumption. Our 80% of the fabrics are handwoven and handlooms consume no electricity. We also have implemented measures to reduce water consumption. We ensure that all the wastewater is treated and reused within the facility/ village.

Kala cotton

We use Kala cotton in 40% of our clothing. Kala cotton is indigenous to Kutch and organic as farmers do not use pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. It is a purely rainfed crop. It has a high tolerance for pests and diseases. It uses 90% less water than conventional cotton. Apart from this Kala cotton textile production works in harmony with local ecology and provides sustainable income to rural communities.

Plastic-free packaging

We are saying “Good Bye” to single-use plastic bags. We are using Bags that are FSC certified and 100% biodegradable.

Reduce, Recycle, and reset the standard

Community over the competition

We partner with other brands and individuals who share our vision for sustainability and work together toward a sustainable fashion industry. We engage with local communities on sustainable initiatives and contribute to causes that promote sustainable living.

Fair Trade

We believe in the Fair Trade mission and are striving to get the certification soon. But still, you be assured that all pieces at Expressions are made in hygienic conditions, a safe environment with fair wedges.

There is no child labor involved in our production.

With our work, we are proud that we can support Nine UN SDG'S . We believe collectively we can combat climate change and create a greener and cleaner planet for future generations.

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