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Gandhi - A thought

Weaving has been a culture through generations which sustain lives of wide population in India and help us to keep our textile heritage alive. Gandhi Ji had beautifully addressed this in his thoughts - "There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger & unhappiness." The grass roots realities has changed and worsened by this current pandemic situation and needs some urgent attention of government, design fraternity and consumers. Celebrating Gandhian thoughts in its essence will be true tribute.

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Satva - The Making

  “Satva”, promises you to take back to the crafts which roots back to 4000 years and still it sustain an ecosystem of entire rural village of Gujrat. It is made by skilled artisans, who are practicing this crafts from 7 generations. Each piece has been designed carefully with all natural ingredients, right from its fabric. We have used Kala Cotton, which is grown in drought prone area of Kutch, with very less use of water and no pesticides, the whole processing of this cotton right from picking balls, ginning, spinning etc is done by rural women of Kutch. It’s woven by weavers in same vincity. The fabric we have used is not even gone under bleaching process making it...

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