While working as a personal stylist, I realized that 30% of the fabric goes to waste during production. That inspired me to research sustainability and fashion’s environmental impact. I was astonished to see harmful impact fashion has on people and the planet.

I found myself stuck on one question – “Why fashion can't be beautiful and responsible at the same time?"

This frequent brainstorming sparked the Idea of creating a label that promotes sustainable fashion that does not exploit people and the planet. A fashion label that works on the philosophy of co-existence in a harmony of people, the planet, and profits. A label that leverages the power of fashion with every piece that speaks our culture, and heritage crafts with transparency and ethical production practices to create high-quality, durable products. A label that support our artisans and local communities but will also preserve our cultural heritage.

With the vision of creating a more sustainable and equitable world, we are committed to using fashion as a force for good. We invite you to join us on this journey!

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