Upcycle your loved pieces

Sustainability in fashion is not just a trend but has been a practice of every household in India since ancient times. We have overlooked this practice in today’s fast-paced life, though it plays a crucial role in eliminating waste and preserving our finite natural resources.

Every piece of clothing depicts cultural, artistic, and emotional values, such as your wedding dress, mom’s saree, or an heirloom piece passed on to you. It also has an environmental cost as made with finite natural and human resources. Aren’t they too precious to be dumped into landfills?

Our passion for transforming these memories into a work of art, with our customized design services, inspired us to start a project - #fabwardrobe. Our idea with this project is to reduce waste while optimizing your existing wardrobe.

At Expressions by UV, we recreate your precious pieces with immense care. It helps you proudly relive your memories while doing our bits to create a greener future for all.

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