About Us

Welcome to the sustainable fashion world of Expressions by UV 

We at expressions create contemporary and timeless women's wear and accessories using Indian textile and craft techniques. Our each piece is handcrafted ethically with lot of love and care by skilled artisans,weavers, rural women and designer. They work closely in fair and friendly environment.Our pieces are timeless,simple,contemporary bold and sensual enough to compliment today's women, who is bold,sensual, free spirit and globe trotter.

Each of our piece is mindful fusion of traditional weaves and craft with modern aesthetics.We believe the clothes are our best friend and we live in them, so we use natural fibers like organic cotton, khadi and  hemp which allows our body to breathe. Apart from natural fibers, simplicity,comfort,style and easy functionality are core feature of each of our design. We use natural vegetable and plant based dyes and Vat dyes to dye our fabrics. we are proud to use zero chemical in our products.

We thrive to be a zero waste brand and so we do lot of experiments on grass root level. Our fabric jewellery is outcome of our experiments and it provides smart income to collage girls, who use this money for their education.

Expressions by UV is an effort to make fashion happy for each life it touches. We thrive to create fashion which loves earth, nature and people and has negligible carbon footprint. We are looking to bridge the gap between market, artisans and weavers by removing intermediate links. Each piece bought from us is a luxurious token of Indian heritage and love from each hand working behind the scene.

We welcome you in our tribe!

Are you excited to know the process behind the scene? check out our pictures and videos

We use various natural dyes -

Our fabrics are handwoven by rural women -

All our process are done by hand. We develop our own prints and this is how our fabric is printed.