Hire Your Personal Stylist

Are You Looking For Custom Made Outfits?

We know you love to wear unique outfits.

Is it your sibling's wedding and you want to look very special?

Are you going to a party and want to create a new look for yourself from existing garments?

Ready-made clothes don't fit you nicely and you want to get a garment with your own measurements?

Do you need a personal shopper to help you create your new look?

So we offer our customized styling and stitching services for those who have special requirements. We also make to order for the products on our website. 

You can mail us uvcreations17@gmail.com with the subject of - Booking an appointment. Also mention your query in detail. We will be happy to hep you!


Get Your Wardrobe Upcycled!

Your wardrobe is full of dresses.

Yet, you don't feel like wearing any of them.

Ever since your childhood you have truly adored that treasure in your Mum's cupboard.

You want to wear that beautiful dress which is your favorite. But it doesn't fit you now.

Some of your dresses got old fashioned. But you don't want to throw them. And you keep them as a treasure.


We are a team of Designers and stylists. We will be happy to help you with your special styling and shopping need.


Is this your wardrobe story too?

If Yes... Then Connect with us to change your cupboard treasure into its new Avatar.

Connect with us to get your wardrobe Up-cycled.